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Top 6 Health & Fitness Podcasts

I love a good podcast, I find them such a great way to get free education on a wide range of topics. There's different podcasts out there for a huge range of interests. I love to listen to them on my way to work or if I go for a walk and have come across a few of my favorites which I thought I would share here with you;

Alice Liveing – Give me Strength

In this podcast Alice talks to different women who are in the fitness and sport industry, how they have overcome challenges and what took them to where they are today. Some really inspiring interviews in this one. Check it out!

James Smith – The James Smith Podcast

In this podcast, James talks about a wide range of fitness topics, mindset and mental health. I’ve only just discovered this podcast recently and have found every episode so interesting. James talks in a really relatable way so everyone can understand and also makes it interesting but funny too!

The Girl Gains – Fit & Fearless

This podcast is hosted by Tally, Zanna and Vicky who I’ve followed all three for a long time now. They talk about all issues relating to food, fitness, health, mental health and planetary health and have had a wide range of guests on the podcast. They are currently on their 4th series of the podcast and it comes out every Thursday!

The Food Medic – The Food Medic Podcast

Hazel, known as ‘The Food Medic’ hosts this podcast and has just released the first episode to the third series! Love this podcast, Hazel also has a range of guests on talking all topics in relation to health such as lifestyle medicine, nutrition, sustainable eating, skincare, sleep and food for fitness. Cant wait for the rest of the third series, drops every Tuesday!

Rhiannon Lambert – Food for Thought

As a registered nutritionist herself, Rhiannon’s podcast delves into the different aspects of nutrition, from sports nutrition to skin health, gut health, relationships with food, eating disorders and how nutrition is related to the worlds top diseases. Really informative podcast.

Adam Willis – The Empowered Body Podcast

Adam is a personal trainer and online coach, and in his podcast talks about a range of different aspects to training, being a personal trainer, different styles of training, programming and nutrition. Really interesting podcast if you work in the fitness industry or are just interested in the process behind it all.

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