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Navigating Fitness with a Busy Lifestyle

We all have busy lifestyles right? But it is important to make time for your fitness and well-being within that too.

My top tips for making sure you are still achieving those fitness goals around a busy lifestyle;

Make your training realistic - don't aim for 5 sessions a week when you know you are realistically going to get in 2 or 3. Set your target for what you CAN achieve and if you get an extra session in the week - then great!

Prioritise - Making your training one of your main priorities really helps rather than pushing it to the side, if that means getting up an hour earlier a couple of times a week - do it. You are not going to achieve your goals lying in.

Get a training plan - This will take the thinking time out of it, if you have something to follow you are less likely to waste time in the gym. Once you get in, you can follow your plan, no faffing around - just get it done.

Hold yourself accountable - weather that be to a coach or a friend or family member, having someone to hold you accountable to your actions will help you stick to your goals and not backing out last minute.

Lastly, make it something you ENJOY - if running isn't for you, try weight training - or vice versa. Find your thing - once you do and you actually enjoy it then it is much more likely you will stick at it long term.


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