One-to-one Personal Training 

Train with me and reach your health and fitness goals in a fun and enjoyable way, with a personalised program to suit your goals. 

Offered from David Lloyd Leisure, Meridian Park, Leicester. 

Online Coaching

I offer elite one-to-one online coaching. Personalised programming, nutritional guidance, check-ins and 24/7 support. 

Personalised Nutrition Plan

A personalised nutrition plan suited to your dietary needs & health goals. Includes recipes, macro-nutrient calculations & more. 

12 Week Fat Loss Plan

12 week program aimed at fat loss.

What you will get:

- Workouts - updated every 4 weeks

- Exercise demos with voiceover cues

- Nutrition tips 

- Monthly Challenges 

- Support from me 

Small Group Training

I offer small group training for groups of 2 to 5 people which include a range of training styles including HIIT, core stability & resistance training. 

Offered from David Lloyd Leisure, Meridian Park, Leicester.