I absolutely love going to sessions with Emily! Gives very good advice regarding fitness and nutrition and I feel she has helped changed my outlook on fitness and health for the better - and we also have a good laugh too! Would highly recommend Emily 🙌🏻


I have no hesitation in recommending Em as a personal trainer. I always felt that the advice she gave me was current and relevant to me as an individual. She is also very knowledgeable in nutrition and wrote me a great plan to help alongside my training. You’ll be in safe hands with Em!


Em is an amazing Personal Trainer and Nutritionist that tailors plans to each individual to ensure they achieve the best results possible, Em is kind, caring, compassionate and invested in all aspects and has been a great mentor and friend on my fitness Journey over the last 15 months I have trained with her! I could not recommend her enough!


I started with Emily in November 2017. I found Emily amazing! She was easy to talk too and she was honest. She set up 3 sessions with her during the week and encouraged me to do cardio outside of those sessions. She also talked to me about my nutrition. She encouraged me to measure my protein, carbohydrates and fats using my fitness pal. She gave me loads of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and told me to still treat myself within reason. I now understand how to make good food choices myself. I found that her plan really worked for me and within a couple of weeks I lost half a stone and I was also able to maintain my weight loss over the Christmas period which was a first ever for me. In January 2018 I discovered I was pregnant, I rang Emily and told her. She was great & she set up new pregnancy safe workouts for me. She was aware that I had suffered miscarriages previously and that I really wanted to keep exercising to help me stay positive and upbeat. I really enjoyed working out during my pregnancy and Emily really looked after me at each session and monitored me closely. I worked out right up until I was 24 weeks pregnant as Emily was moving country then. I am sitting here today typing this with a healthy 4-month old baby boy  beside  me and I am exactly  12 pounds lighter than I was before I started my initial programme and I believe that is because of me working out with Emily during the pregnancy along with the changes that I made nutritionally. I not only see Emily as the best personal trainer I have ever had but I view her as a really good friend now too!


'Emily has pushed me to do my best from the start. She has taught me how to perform exercises correctly with the right form & provided exercises to suit my abilities. I love the results I have got from training with her  &  I feel a lot more confident in myself since I have started training with Emily.'


'Really enjoyed training with Emily. I am now eating healthier, exercising more and have noticed a difference in my shape. Emily has kept us motivated right  from the start with examples of food choices and words of encouragement throughout. I now have a much better understanding of both nutrition and training.'


Since starting to train with Emily I have achieved amazing results! Emily created a detailed nutrition plan for me & kept in close contact to ensure I was consistently on track & doing my best. I feel so much more confident in myself since beginning training with Emily. I have a much better outlook on life and how good training & nutrition can improve lifestyle. I now understand how to make good food choices myself. I loved how encouraging Emily was throughout training  & always pushing me when I thought I couldn't do it.


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