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When it comes to Instagram and social media, there is so much fitness related content being put out there and not all of it good. Some may be misleading, and is not always good content, so be aware of who you are following and make sure its not someone who is just promoting the latest ‘fad’.

Here are some common mistakes many people make and are best avoiding from the beginning:

Spot reducing fat: You can’t spot reduce fat! No matter how many times a week you train core to get that ‘6-pack’ its not going to help you lose body fat around that area. A well-balanced exercise regime, which reduces overall body fat is the only way to get you there. Everyone is different & your body chooses where to lose the fat from first, which isn’t going to be the same for everyone! Therefore, training with a whole-body approach and reducing body fat overall, will enable you to see the muscle underneath.

Carbs are bad: Another nutrient which is commonly demonised is carbohydrates! So many believe cutting out carbs is the key to weight loss – NOT TRUE! Generally, the reason why people lose fat on a low carb diet at the beginning is due to a reduction in overall calorie intake, this is not sustainable nor enjoyable. So eat your carbs, proteins & fats and look at your overall calorie intake instead.

Lower the calories the better: So many people have come to me eating as little as they can or aiming for 1200 calories because this is what they found on google is best to reduce body fat, again – not true! Calorie intake is so individual and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ diet.

Supplements: Generally, supplements are only needed if your diet is lacking in specific nutrients. If you are eating a well balanced diet, including plenty whole foods & veggies, there is little need for all these supplements on the market. One I do recommend if you are finding it hard to hit your protein intake – protein powder. Its convenient and easy for those who struggle to get it through food, although it is not necessary.

If you are vegan, B12 is also one you should probably be taking. But other than that – there is no magic supplement going to speed up your results.

Lifting weights make you bulky: NO no no! I have heard this so many times and I cannot stress enough the benefits to lifting weights for woman. (I have done a blog post on this previously) it takes years to build a lot of muscle, this is not going to happen by lifting weights a couple of times a week for the average person.

There is only one way to exercise: There are so many ways you can incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, do something you enjoy to get your body moving and something that makes you feel good! One particular form of exercise isn’t going to suit everyone – find something you love, you are more likely to keep going with it if you enjoy what you are doing.

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