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Feel like January has nearly passed and your loosing motivation to stick to your new year health and fitness goals... Then this post is for you, with a couple of tips on how to get back into it & what makes me feel motivated again when I feel like I'm loosing my motivation a little!

1. Plan your workout

If you have a workout plan, you know what your doing when you get to the gym. I find this makes it a lot easier to get up and go! There is less thinking involved when you get there, go in and smash your workout and you’ll be done before you know it.

2. Get a gym buddy

It can be an opportunity to catch up and have a chat as well as getting a good workout in. You may be more likely to not miss a session if you know your friend is relying on you to go!

3. Enjoy your workouts

Enjoying your workout is key! If you hate running, then don’t do it? Choose an exercise you enjoy doing then it won’t feel as much of a task when it comes to get that workout done! For example; I hate running, so I don’t run. But I love weight lifting and therefore this is the exercise I choose to do.

4. Track your progress

Whether it be pictures, measurements or how your feeling; keep track of your progress and why you started this journey. Set small goals along the way and when you’ve reached them you will feel a huge sense of achievement which will motivate you to keep going!

5. Make sure you are consuming enough calories

This is often underestimated. If you do not consume enough calories throughout the day, you are likely to feel tired and un-energetic and will not have the motivation to go and workout! If you are having a main meal, ensure it contains carbohydrates and proteins and consume 2-3 hours prior to a workout, or if you are having a snack an hour before choose wisely - something that will give you energy and maybe a coffee. Carbohydrates and proteins post-workout is also important to replenish lost stores and help in muscle repairing!

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