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Tips to staying healthy(ish) through the Christmas Holiday season🎄

We all know Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends, and eating all the food (🥧) but that doesn't mean we have to forget about our health completely for a few weeks.

There are many ways you can have fun but also while not letting your healthy habits fall completely off track;

Eat a good breakfast: This would be my number one tip, ensure you get some nutrients into your first meal of the day so you get a head start if your not eating as you normally would for the rest of the day!

Stay active: On the days of the holidays, it can be so easy to sit around all day cosied up by the fire but getting some form of activity in is great, can set you off to a great start on your day & puts all the food to good use! Going for walk, getting out in the fresh air or doing a quick home workout are great options - it doesn't have to be a proper gym session, or a really long workout - just set aside 20-30 minutes of your day to get some form of activity in and you will feel a whole lot better for it!

Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink plenty water, as there will probably be a lot more alcohol consumed over those few weeks compared to your normal, its important to also drink enough water so you aren't feeling your worst! Always have a big bottle of water after you come in to try and prevent the dehydration hangover headaches!

Don't stress: Lastly, don't stress! Christmas is a time to be enjoyed with family and friends and to give yourself some time of your 'normal' routine, so enjoy it - eat all the yummy food, enjoy the nights out with great company, its only a little out of your whole year, and its really what you do the majority of the time that will matter in the long run!


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