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Good music

I need my music for a good workout at the gym. Create a great playlist with motivating music that will get you going from the start of your workout. It definitely helps me smash through a workout!

Bring a friend:

Having a training partner to motivate you can be a great way to boost your workout, push you that little bit further while also being a fun activity to do together and get some socialising in!

Track your workouts:

Keeping track of your workouts and knowing what your doing each week can motivate you the next time you complete the workout to do better than you did before or to go a bit heavier than your previous session.

Nice gym gear:

I love a nice gym set and always find new gym gear makes me want to hit the gym! So dress up in your nicest gym outfit and go in with confidence and kill it in your workout!

Choosing a workout you enjoy:

You will always do better at something you actually enjoy, so choosing a workout is no different. The more you enjoy the activity the more motivated you are to do it!

Now go get yourself a great workout in! 💪

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